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Nootropics Europe – The Best and Full Overview of Nootropics in Europe

Nootropics Europe - 50 years ago (1972), a Romanian psychologist and a chemist known as Corneliu E. Giurgea was the first to synthesize Nootropics in Europe and the world at large. He started it with Piracetam which is the first Nootropic to be synthesized. He then coined the word “Nootropic” from the Greek words nous which means mind and trepein which means to bend or turn. Ever since Giurgea discovered such a brain-boosting innovation in… Continue reading
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natuurlijke slaappillen: sleepwell – de meest complete formule

Natuurlijke slaappillen: 'SleepWell' van OmniMind - een goede nachtrust is een keuze Lekker in je vel zitten, goed presenteren, succesvol zijn of je fit voelen: alles begint met een goede nachtrust. Wie slecht slaapt, merkt dat op alle mogelijke manieren. En voor wie terughoudend is tegenover een chemisch product, is er nu ‘SleepWell’ van OmniMind®, natuurlijke slaappillen met een krachtige werking. ONTDEK SLEEPWELL Wat zit er in SleepWell? 'SleepWell' is een natuurlijke slaappil die ervoor… Continue reading
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The Ultimate Nootropics Guide, download for free more than 100+ nootropics!

The Ultimate Nootropics Guide, download for free more than 100+ different nootropics! If you’re interested in getting into bio-hacking and would like to incorporate nootropic cognitive enhancers, we thought it is important to learn the basics of how they work by providing OmniMind's Ultimate Nootropics Guide. To do this, we provided the basics of different classes and ingredients. Like this, you can learn to better understand how these supplements work. As well as how their… Continue reading
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Bacopa Monnieri, explore the benefits here!

What is Bacopa Monnieri? Bacopa Monnieri is a nootropic herb that improves processing speed, memory retention and enhances learning ability. Bacopa Monnieri is already in use for thousands of years in Ayurvedic medicine. It  shows to stimulate the protein synthesis in the hippocampus. This part of the brain has an important role long term memory retention. The active compounds of this plant are bacosides. Bacosides are evaluated for their effects on brain health. Research has shown the positive influence on brain cells… Continue reading
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Slecht Slapen – Hoe komt dat en wat kan ik doen?

Slecht Slapen – het belang van een goede nachtrust Het belang van een goede nachtrust en het vermijden van 'slecht slapen' kan niet vaak genoeg benadrukt worden. Wie één keer met het verkeerde been uit bed stapt, is chagrijnig, minder productief, prikkelbaar en voelt zich de hele dag slap. Wie constant slecht slaapt, zal dat merken aan het uiterlijk (wallen, slechte huid, haaruitval, vermagering), zal zich soms duizelig en zwak voelen, en loopt zelfs het… Continue reading
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Buy nootropics online, and is it safe?

What do I need to take note of when I buy nootropics online? Learn everything you need to know right here! The internet is still a relatively new technology and as a result, regulation always runs a bit behind. In the "Wild West" environment of the e-commerce, you want to be completely confident with any product you plan to take internally or externally. When buying food supplements in general, it’s best to be advised of… Continue reading
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Noopept and best nootropic? Learn more here!

Is noopept the best nootropic? This is a question we get asked regularly. We dug a bit deeper into the question and cleared things out.   Noopept History (dd.1970) Noopept is the brand name for N-phenyl acetyl-L-prolyl glycine ethyl ester.   It is a smart drug that is developed in the 1970s.   Up to today, noopept is a prescription drug in Russia which has been developed by the   Russian pharmaceutical company SC LEKKO Pharmaceutical.… Continue reading
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Brain Booster, where to find the best one?

Brain Booster, what is it? A brain booster is a broad term for all kind of ingredients that can boost your brain. Whether we are talking about a prescription drug like Ritalin or a natural plant extract. Both fall under the category of a brain booster. Luckily we see an upcoming trend in the interest for natural plant extracts which often have far fewer negative effects than pharmaceutical solutions. Dr. Ray Sahelian is a family… Continue reading

Natural caffeine pills, the ultimate complete formula!

At OmniMind®, we love natural caffeine pills. We designed the ultimate caffeinated formula for optimal performance in a vegetarian capsule. Click on the link below and discover reviews, the working mechanisms and the complete formula based upon scientific research. DISCOVER OMNIMIND® N°1 Natural caffeine pills, how to experience the benefits? What are natural caffeine pills? Well, natural caffeine pills are probably the most well-known psychoactive ingredients. Consumed by a large percentage of the world’s population… Continue reading
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Rhodiola Rosea, what are the benefits?

Rhodiola Rosea, what are the benefits? WHAT IS RHODIOLA ROSEA? Rhodiola Rosea is a traditional Chinese herb that was traditionally used as an anti-fatigue agent. These anti-fatigue proportions are related to stress and 'burnout' symptoms. Besides this, Rhodiola is also known to be a potent neuro protector against toxins. In the brain, Rhodiola appears to be highly serotonergic (increases serotonin) and reduces corticosteroids and last but not least, there is evidence that Rhodiola can increase cellular… Continue reading