F.A.Q. Frequently Asked Questions

Nootropics are a hot topic around the world. The rise started in Silicon Valley where tech entrepreneurs uplift their mental performance in order to work for many hours on their latest inventions. Since the movie Limitless the interest in enhanced performance rose even more. Many players joined the market and brought out a nootropic. Alpha Brain is one of the best well-known examples. The best way to describe a nootropic is a food supplement which enhances cognitive capabilities.

OmniMind is totally unique. The unique combination of Bacopa Monierri extract, Rhodiola Rosea and L-Theanine, is never used before in a food supplement. This enables an overall improvement in all parts of our brain. Vitamins, Amino Acids, Caffeine are supportive ingredients which are responsible for making OmniMind one of the world’s best nootropics.

We can confirm first handed that OmniMind is 100% safe. OmniMind is made under the strict eye of European legislation, with the help of doctors and Europes leading regulatory expert of food supplements. Besides, at OmniMind we are all day to day consumers.

Everybody’s biochemistry is different. Most people experience the first improvement in concentration, memory after their  first intake. If you are taking OmniMind for the first time, it can take up to 3 days for the first improvements in mental performance.

Therefore, we suggest everybody to take N°1 from OmniMind persistently and on a regular basis for the best effect in mental performance.

After taking OmniMind, you can expect an improvement in your mental performance. Focus, concentration, mood, drive and memory are the most common improvements noticed. Therefore, OmniMind is adored by many high achievers, students, entrepreneurs and sportsmen.

We work open source, under the section FORMULA you can find the integral explanation.

The suggested serving size is 2 capsules with a glass of water in the morning. Do not exceed 5 capsules per day.

Depending on where you live, you can expect your package within 2-4 working days.

We accept Paypal, VISA, Mastercard, IDEAL, Sofort and Bancontact.

Each bottle contains 40 capsules. Depending on your personal intake, this equals approximately 20 servings. Most people take OmniMind on working days, using 1 jar per month.

OmniMind is made of the natural ingredients Bacopa Monierri and Rhodiola Rosea. In order to have a sufficient amount of Bacopa Monierri and Rhodiola Rosea to benefit from the nootropic effect of Long Term Potentiation, 2 capsules are the recommended intake.

OmniMind is verified by strict European legislation and is 100% safe. Besides European legislation is OmniMind developed with the help doctors and external food supplement experts. Each batch is produced under the FSSC 22000 Food Safety regulations.

OmniMind has no negative side effects. OmniMind is in accordance with world’s most strict food supplement legislation of Europe. Besides, OmniMind is developed with the help of doctors and food supplement experts.

This depends entirely on the person itself who is taking OmniMind. We advise you to consult your local doctor when combining OmniMind with stimulants.

Yes. We take nootropics for many years without any side effects. Plus, OmniMind is developed under the strict eye of European legislation, researched and developed with doctors and with the help food supplement experts.

This depends on you yourself as a person and the medication itself. Therefore, we recommend you to consult your local doctor when combining OmniMind with other prescription drugs.

This depends on the medical condition itself. Therefore, we recommend you to consult your local doctor when combining OmniMind with other prescription drugs.

OmniMind is currently for sale in the United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, Neew Zealand and America. We are conquering Europe at a fast pace.

Absolutely. You can send your package back to our headquarter if you are not satisfied and we will give you a 100% money back guarantee within 30days after your purchase. Please go through our terms and service for more information.

OmniMind is based at Robert Schumandomein 2, 6229ES Maastricht, Netherlands.