Designed to bring you to the next level of mental performance.



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OmniMind is scientifically designed to bring you to the next level of mental performance.
Known as a life saver for high achievers, entrepreneurs and students, OmniMind helped many people before to reach the next step in personal accomplishments. By using a unique blend with a scientific background, you achieve a mental upgrade unmatched by any other supplement in the industry. OmniMind’s powerful blend supports the neurotransmitters in our brain to reach optimal focus, memory & motivation.

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17 reviews for OMNIMIND

  • Love the product and also the service/delivery , straight in my mailbox. don’t need to be at home whatsoever. good job!! wil buy again.

  • OMNIMIND + coffee = the best!

  • Ik heb gespeeld met de dosering de afgelopen maand, en heb nu een dosis gevonden die me past. Ik neem krill oil bij OmniMind en soms zelfs nog extra choline (alpha gpc) . dan voel ik het effect het best. naast focus voel ik me ook rustiger, ik ervaar minder stress op het werk. waarschijnlijk door de theanine of rhodiola rosea. Momenteel nog 1,5 doosje op voorraad thuis.

  • Great Stack !!!

  • good to feel the theanine caffeine combo immediately, gets me alert. forskolin also doin it’s work

  • I like the smooth effect but I took 2 more capusles after dinner to study for my exams. Had difficulties falling asleep and felt queit tired the day of my exam. don’t recommend it to take in the evenings.

  • Great stack! 2 caps works well for me on an empty stomach in the morning.

  • Doet wat het moet, enkel gebruikt tijdens studies tot nu toe.

  • I have been taking OMNIMIND for 6 weeks constantly and have noticed that my thoughts don’t jump from topic to topic. I also perform better in meetings and my overall thought process has become better.

  • Definately notice a difference. Love this stuff. Thanks for making great products. Can’t wait to try other omnimind products.

  • Like others have mentioned, I felt the effect more intens after a couple a days of daily intake. The 2nd thing I noticed was In conversations at the office, my ability to converse seems more fluid and flows easier. I put OmniMind to the test in a job interview. I took two pills an hour before the interview, the interview lasted 2 hours and I felt mentally on point the whole time, being very fluent with answers. I have a 2nd interview this week and will definitely be arming myself with OmniMin for round 2.

  • I have been using OmniMind for one week and have noticed a distinct positive shift in focus and clarity throughout the day. There is no “hyper, or super jittery” feeling that I have felt like I did before from energy drinks or prescription medications. OmniMInd has a more natural feel to it. The only downside for me is the price. Would highly recommend to anyone.

  • Feels good to me but I doubled up the dosis. Might be a personal thing but I need more than 2 capsules to feel the effects decently.

  • Uitstekende nootropic!

  • Goed product en goede customer service !!

  • Helpful when you are overloaded at work and need to hustle hustle hustle. Maybe this is just me.. but I can literally feel my brain processing faster, like I feel myself at 110%

  • I’ve been using OmniMind for a couple of months now and I love the results so far. It’s the flow state I get in while increasing my focus, memory and overall brain power.

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