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Meet Tamar Vedder, threefold BMX World Champion. Before a competition, Tamar takes OmniMind® to keep her mind clear and sharp. Even a hundredth of a second is important to make the difference between winning and losing. Only the nutrients of the highest quality are acceptable. Therefore, Tamar relies on OmniMind®.

Meet Patrick Kramer, keynote speaker in the niche of biohacking, who travels from Adidas HQ to TEDx to spread the word on optimal performance. Being an entrepreneur and public speaker, Patrick relies on OmniMind® to keep his mind fit, present and free from brain fog. When people ask him for cognitive nutrition to keep their brain fit, OmniMind® is the first product he recommends.

Meet Shady Giorgo, brand ambassador, part time entrepreneur and student from Italy. After creating his own blog in the nootropic industry, Shady found OmniMind® to be the most effective and complete nootropic. Today he is OmniMind®’s brand ambassador in Italy.

Meet Laurens, certified in Nutrition Science. Laurens is the founder of Biohacking Belgium. Besides, he is in close touch with European consultant firms and R&D centers to advise new products and ingredients for the OmniMind® product umbrella. Last but not least, he keeps our formula under constant review so as to keep up with the latest developments in the market. When keeping up with his busy daily schedule, Laurens swears by OmniMind®.

Meet Spencer Hanley, Gold medallist at International Open Jiu-Jitsu Champtionshop 2017. After seeking multiple supplements to perform at an optimal level, Spencer became a huge fan of OmniMind®. He is now fighting in OmniMind® gear and practices what he preaches: “I swear to this product as it improves my reaction speed and agility significantly. OmniMind® has been a true game-changer in my performance, both in and out the ring.”

Meet Sanne, being a teacher at the local primary school and managing a household at the same time, she relies on OmniMind® to get through her days with excellence.